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The Audi Activesphere has an interface no longer defined by screens or projections or permanently displayed in one place. The Activesphere can now reproduce the HMI in the right place at the right time in a three-dimensional space around the driver.

The Activesphere achieves all this with the help of mixed reality glasses, without out the glasses the interior of the car is a clean, elegant and minimal place to sit, put the mixed reality glasses on and you’re transported to the Audi universe, named Audi ‘Dimensions’ enabling you to interact with the car and all its intelligent controls using natural gestures within the space.

The mixed reality glasses act as a virtual control, moving UI elements towards to the user when they show interest in a particular task, otherwise the interface remains inactive. To activate a control the user has to focus their eyes on the element they want, signalling interest, at first the system displays more detailed information while moving the element towards the user where it can be controlled via gestures.

To give you an example: The Audi dimensions anchor point located in the door of the Activesphere is a physical element. Resting your eyes on it will register your interest and the UI will display the current temperature of the interior. If you continue to focus on the element it will become interactive. The UI element moves towards the user and can be controlled virtually. When you’re done you can either leave it and it will disappear or you can swipe it away putting the UI element back into sleep mode. Audi dimensions focuses on the users and understands their needs.

Audi Dimensions has three spatial levels.

1. A spatial field that shows information in the Cabin, traditionally found on and around the steering wheel.

2. A spatial field that superimposes information onto the windshield.

3. A spatial field that extends from the bonnet to the surrounding area to give the driver information about the environment.

The Activesphere looks to be a particularly capable off-road vehicle and combined with Audi Dimensions it can give you real time information about the route you’re about to tackle and the best way to tackle it based on weather conditions, hazards, tyre condition and vehicle ability. The glasses although very much a part of the car’s ecosystem can continue to be used outside the vehicle in your leisure pursuits showing similar information about your environment to that when in the car.

Similar to many other intelligent cars with autonomous abilities we’ve seen, the driver of the Activesphere gets a retractable steering wheel, only this time it swivels out with a real gusto while the surrounding virtual UI elements are set to manual driving mode.

Finally, something that is exceptionally innovative is Quattro vision. Quattro vision, when activated, enables you to hide the body of the vehicle so you can see in real time the tires interaction with the terrain, all thanks to sensors and cameras around the vehicle.

HMI Gallery

Audi Activesphere driver cockpit concept sketch
Audi Activesphere Augmented Reality screen, mapping the route out in front of the driver
Audi Activesphere mixed reality mode enabling the driver to see through the cars body
Audi Activesphere mixed reality terrain and weather mapping
Audi Activesphere mixed reality route mapping
Audi Activesphere mixed reality heating controls with haptic feedback
Audi Activesphere mixed reality audio controls
Audi Activesphere mixed reality glasses
Audi Activesphere interior concept sketch
Audi Activesphere dashboard concept sketches


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